Customer charter information

Customer Charter Information

The purpose of the IUS Customer Charter is to define and implement key performance indicators to determine the level of customer satisfaction our clients are experiencing. The term customer satisfaction is utilised as a measure of how the services IUS supply meet or surpass customer expectation. IUS operate in a competitive marketplace and Customer feedback is vital in enabling us to determine our performance and the level of satisfaction we provide. The IUS Customer Charter will facilitate customer satisfaction being measured at the individual level, with results reported at an aggregate level to determine the overall level of satisfaction.

IUS will introduce a Customer Charter including customer satisfaction performance monitoring. The two key aspects of the Charter are the Quotation Performance Standard and the Customer Satisfaction Performance Standard. The former is the establishment of fixed durations to allow our customers to have a realistic expectation as to when they will receive a quotation. The latter is a review of written customer correspondence, assessment of client progress reports, as well as a scoring system with verbatim feedback via telephone contact. Performance will be monitored weekly, monthly and on an annual basis.

Quotation performance is incorporated within our Customer Charter to measure the duration for the release of a submission. The timescales are dependent on having sufficient information for the ‘clock’ to start and potentially stop e.g. awaiting point of connection details or information from the water authority or asset valuation.