Operation & Maintenance

In addition to designing, supplying, installing and testing & commissioning your substation apparatus, IUS can Operate and Maintain your High Voltage (HV) system. As defined in the Electricity at Work Act 1989, there is a requirement for HV network owners to maintain electrical equipment in a safe condition. To achieve this IUS has the HV authorised, competent and experienced personnel to complete substation inspections as well as planned maintenance of switchgear, transformers and ancillary apparatus. Our High Voltage Customer Service (HVCS) manage a multitude of clients across all sectors including health, education, water, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, defence and manufacturing industries. We also carry out a range of services for Distribution Network Operators, where our operational staff has comprehensive knowledge of Distribution Safety Rules and Operational Practice Manuals. We can also provide added value services associated with power system protection studies, generator connections, harmonic surveys, power factor correction, partial discharge testing and transformer oil analysis. As your appointed Operation and Maintenance contractor IUS will provide the HV authorised personnel for both planned works as well as fault diagnosis and emergency repair. Our aim is to engage collaboratively with your organisation to satisfy all current legislation including the HSG230 requirement to keep electrical switchgear safe. This will assist in allowing staff to work safely and maximise your HV asset life cycle.