Covid19 Statement


Update 22 January 

2021 IUS remains vigilant regarding COVID 19 and our priority is to ensure that the on-going health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, supply chain and the wider public is maintained whilst delivering our services. IUS is operating in accordance with its business continuity plan and the team is meeting regularly, monitoring the updates from the government, following the latest advice from Public Health England, Public health Scotland and the Department of health in the Republic of Ireland.

We closely monitor the global situation and Government guidance, whilst making necessary adjustments to our activities wherever required. Where applicable, we have staff working a proportion of their time from home, therefore, reducing colleague occupancy numbers in our reduced capacity, Covid-secure, office facilities. Where our reduced office capacity and social distancing allows, essential face to face meetings are permitted, with rooms adjusted to allow the safe maximum capacity as described and additional controls continue to be in place and regularly inspected. However, it is recognised and preferable in the first instance to utilise remote, tele or video conferencing facilities, as the risk of the loss of a group of key personnel and further onward transmission of the virus is negated. IUS has all the relevant IT in place to support remote meeting structures where required. 

Our strategic plan is implemented throughout the entire business, providing the best protection for our  
employees and customers. This means we can offer a full range of services adhering to UK and Ireland  
Government guidance and restrictions. IUS is committed to supporting all client services as with due  
consideration for the health and safety of our colleagues. 

Our 0800 073 73 73 contact number remains live and operational should you need to discuss your individual site requirements. We are requesting customers and suppliers enhance our efforts by advising their own employees and supply chains to follow the latest government guidance, available here: 

United Kingdom: 


Republic of Ireland:

In relation to our supply chain, the IUS Emergency Business continuity & Recovery Plan remains in place with business unit lead planners continuing with their regular discussions with manufacturers and suppliers to understand the impact on their operations globally, therefore reducing any impact on IUS support or equipment supplies. We have assurances from our key suppliers and manufacturers that they are taking the necessary actions to mitigate any negative impacts on customers, including using their global manufacturing and distribution networks to source and transport stock wherever possible. Specific measures have been applied for any necessary deliveries and/or collections. 

Based on the latest information from our suppliers and manufacturers, it is possible we may experience a short-term impact on production output from facilities in the affected regions, both domestic and international. Lead times could be affected, however, will depend upon the specific service IUS is providing under each contract. 

Nevertheless, IUS will endeavour to keep you advised, generally via the IUS Project Manager or workstream lead. If you have concerns about any critical suppliers being affected, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can work with you to understand your requirements and the best available options. We welcome feedback and if you have any specific questions or concerns, please speak to your IUS contact.

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