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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

It is right that our employees are aware of the standards of behaviour that the company expects from them and that they follow them. This reflects the company's approach to the way we do business and the conduct that is seen as being appropriate on the part of our employees. This statement summarises the company's position on a number of significant aspects of employee conduct including the standards of behaviour and ethical behaviour that is expected.

The company is committed to achieving the highest ethical standards, which include the establishment of a culture where any wrongdoing or violation of our code of conduct is not permitted. This includes unethical or illegal acts, malpractice or mismanagement (including suspected fraud, impropriety or environmental mismanagement).

Ethical behaviour is defined as being a matter of spirit and intent characterised and applied in accordance with principles of honest dealing, respect for natural justice and constant regard for the good name of the business. It is relevant to all business practices and personal conduct.

Each person has the responsibility to report any instances of wrongdoing or violation of this code in line with our Code of Practice, Guidance on Speaking Up.

The Employee's Duty

All employees of the company have a duty to give their best and always act so as to protect the company's interests. Everyone is expected to carry out all reasonable instructions from their managers and supervisors, to observe company policies, procedures and rules that are laid down. This is to ensure efficient working and to secure the safety of themselves, fellow employees and the public.

All employees have an obligation to our customers, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company, fellow employees and to the public generally, and are expected not to do anything that could adversely affect the good name and reputation of the company or of colleagues.

Dealings with Suppliers

IUS encourages suppliers to operate their businesses with sustainability built in. The goal is to maintain the consumption of natural resources within the limits of their replenishment. Social issues, such as avoiding the exploitation of humans and other living things, are also an important part of business ethics. IUS requires suppliers to consider the consequences of their actions on those involved. The company reserves the right to question suppliers as to the social and ethical issues related to products/services they provide.


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