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IUS provide turnkey High Voltage solutions to meet your connection, private network and maintenance requirements.

Whether construction or maintenance activity associated with HV networks, IUS can assist.

We are familiar with statutory obligations and industry requirements including the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015. We can work with you to achieve your electrical infrastructure objectives.

We deliver all aspects associated with a substation including HV switchgear, transformers, LV panes, HV and LV cable, joints and terminations, battery chargers, SCADA, control cabling, electrical protection systems, earthing arrangements, cable containment, civil construction and trenchwork.

Everything you need to meet your power requirements.


24 hours a day, 7 days per week, IUS are available for our customers. We recognise the importance of their business, and we want our customers to focus on what they do best.

IUS has the capability, experience, and resources to do what we do best, which includes maintaining your power supply.

We have the expertise in to operate your network safely and assist you in meeting your production needs.

Leeds City Station Sandford Street Switchgear Replacement

Leeds City Station

Network Rail awarded IUS the contract for the replacement of the existing 11kV distribution substation at Leeds City Station ...


Network Rail


Leeds City Station



  • Relocation of existing cleaners compound with a purpose built cladded structure
  • Construction of substation buildings for Network Rail and Northern Powergrid
  • Installation of domestic electrical supplies within buildings
  • Installation of fire alarms
  • Installation of 11kV switchgear
  • All 11kV electrical protection
  • Installation of containment
  • Installation of 11kV cables
  • Jointing and termination works
  • All civil activity
  • Removal of redundant switchgear

Network Rail awarded IUS the contract for the replacement of the existing 11kV distribution substation at Leeds City Station. The existing oil filled switchgear was replaced with new apparatus. The works were coordinated to incorporate changes to the Northern Powergrid equipment.


Owing to existing 11kV switchgear at Leeds City Station reaching the end of its life span, a solution was required for the seamless renewal of the switchgear, whilst maintaining supplies to an operational train station. The former location of the existing 11kV substation was below ground in an area known as the ‘Dark Arches’. The train station was built on a set of vaulted arches with an area occupying distribution substations.

Logistically the location of this existing substation was unsuitable, therefore a purpose built substation was constructed at platform level, containing both Northern Powergrid and Network Rail equipment in separate sides of the building.

Two parallel 11kV feeders were taken directly from Northern Powergrid’s Whitehall Road primary substation. The approximate route length was 0.25 miles. Two parallel circuits then fed the Network Rail FKI Eclipse switchgear.

Each of the six Network Rail 11kV circuits supplied six 11,000/433V ground mounted transformers. These transformers were resupplied via new 11kV cabling. IUS managed all the critical power outages to deliver the works whilst trains continued to operate.


Unilever, Leeds Supply Upgrade 11kV Contestable Connection & Private Infrastructure Works


IUS completed the electrical construction works associated with Unilever’s supply upgrade at ...




Unilever, Leeds Supply Upgrade


Unilever, Coal Lane, Leeds

  • Outline and detailed design
  • 11kV Contestable connection work
  • On site private 11kV infrastructure work
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Installation of DNO and private 11kV switchgear
  • Installation of 11kV cables
  • Modifications of the existing 11kV ring
  • Heavy lifting operations
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Preparation of handback documentation

IUS completed the electrical construction works associated with Unilever’s supply upgrade at their site in Leeds. In order to provide a 4.3MVA supply, a new 11kV Distribution Network Operator (DNO) substation was required, as well as new private 11kV switchgear and transformers. IUS were appointed to undertake the design and installation of the 11kV contestable elements of the connection works along with the private 11kV and LV infrastructure.


The project involved extending the DNO’s local 11kV network c. 220m to a point on Unilever’s site and supplying and installing a new 11kV intake substation complete with an 11kV metered ring main unit.

Modifications to the existing 11kV private network were required to facilitate the connection upgrade as well as the supply and installation of an 11kV switchboard, local 11kV ring main units, 11,000/433V transformers and a low voltage switchboard. Due to the nature of the site, IUS were required to work to a tight programme. The contract was delivered to the agreed timescales.


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