Our People

Our people are our strength; we equip employees with the resources and support necessary to be successful, in a safe and rewarding environment.


We are always keen to hear from candidates with a passion for the industry we operate within and the customers we serve.

We offer competitive salaries and packages as well as opportunities for colleagues to develop and grow. IUS is an equal opportunity employer and are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment for all employees. Applicants are considered on the basis of their suitability for the post irrespective of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment, race, age or disability, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

All employees of the company have a duty to give their best and always act so as to protect the company’s interests. Everyone is expected to carry out all reasonable instructions from their managers and supervisors, to observe company policies, procedures and rules that are laid down. This is to ensure efficient working and to secure the safety of themselves, fellow employees and the public.

All employees have an obligation to our customers, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company, fellow employees and to the public generally, and are expected not to do anything that could adversely affect the good name and reputation of the company or of colleagues.

Lisa Munro
HSQE Manager

Lisa is a very experienced HSQE Manager in the utilities sector. She leads a full-time dedicated HSQE team responsible for managing and implementing legislation and policy throughout our contracts. IUS has the management systems, safety excellence and delivery capability to attain the required international standards, accreditations and awards. Most importantly, IUS has a health and safety record to be proud of and Lisa ensures the HSQE team, are supporting IUS operational delivery, whilst working collaboratively with our customers, sharing best practice.  

Richard Read
Finance Manager

Financial governance is an important factor in a well-run business. As the Financial Manager, Richard is responsible for financial reporting as well as statutory compliance. He has been with IUS for almost 20 years and has a major part to play in the financial performance of the business. Richard works closely with the Head of Operations and the Head of Commercial, in ensuring tight cost controls and in driving efficient and profitable performance.

Fay Stafford
Senior People Business Partner

The People Manager, Fay is responsible for the leading of people plans and ambitions across colleague recruitment, development, and engagement. Our colleagues are a vital part of IUS, and we support them to be the best they can be. Fay is effectively engaged in workforce renewal and is keen to see individuals progress and reach their potential. IUS seek sustainable growth and Faye is at the forefront of initiatives to retain our valued colleagues and source new entrants to strengthen the business.

Neil Dunning
Head of Commercial

As the Head of Commercial, Neil takes responsibility for managing and developing the commercial, legal, procurement and tendering & estimating teams, in pursuit of business growth. Ensuring that IUS seeks mutually beneficial work, as well as maintaining high standards throughout delivery, which is imperative to success. Within Neil’s role he must ensure that IUS are competitive and provide value to our customers. He also develops business strategies across the sectors we operate within, which can be of benefit to our customers.

Ben Stokoe
Head of Operations

Ben has responsibility for the delivery of a diverse portfolio of works. This includes contestable connections, multi utility, distribution network operator infrastructure and a multitude of private systems. Ben must ensure that all works are delivered safely, on time, to budget and to the appropriate quality. Working in the industry for over 30 years, Ben has a broad knowledge of maintenance and construction activity for both underground and overhead networks. He also has a capable and experienced management team, whom he utilises to execute the works for our valued customers.

Tony Askins
Business Development Manager

Tony has worked in the industry for over 40 years and brings a wealth of operational and commercial experience to the business. As well as working in tendering & estimating, Tony has previously been a fully authorised Senior Authorised Person. Tony leads the IUS Sales Hub team, generating new enquiries and seeking out potential clients, with an aim to sustainably grow our business. He is customer focused and is responsive to all opportunities, which IUS receive. Tony works with the senior management team in the production of the Business Growth Strategy Plan and reports on its performance, following implementation.

Andy Maclennan

Andy leads the IUS senior management team, having gained considerable operational and commercial knowledge working in the rail and electricity distribution sectors. His leadership style and direction enable the IUS senior management team to take ownership of the strategy and performance of the business, setting realistic and sustainable growth aspirations. Andy is customer focused and values the importance of long-term relationships and repeat order business founded on a quality service at a competitive price.


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